SQL Server 2014 CTP1

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This is really exciting to see SQL Server roadmap towards improving the performance of the database and making it more robust for Business Intelligence processing. OLTP was really a problem in older version of the database, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with the improvement of in-memory will make a lot of difference. Here are some brief outline from the datasheet about SQL Server 2014:-

How to check when index rebuild, update statistics last happened on SQL Server

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Question: I have executed the script given on below link to rebuilt all table indexes on SQL Server, but how do I know whether it is updated or not.

SQL Script for rebuilding all the tables’ indexes

Now the problem is that SQL Server does not store the information when all the indexes were rebuilt, however it stores the information on when was the last time statistics were updated.

What do you mean by a Functional Dependency in the process of Normalization ???

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A Function Dependency tells you the relation ship of two columns in the a table.Functional Dependencies are fundamental to the process of Normalization that describes the relationship between attributes(columns) in a table.

For example, if A and B are ..............

Tips: Sample SQL Script demonstrating moving row from one database table to another database table

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Many times such requirement comes wherein you need to copy data from one database to another database. Below is the sample sql script demonstrating the same.

You can use a three part qualifier like DatabaseName.Schema.TableName to address a table in a different database.

Use Database1

INSERT INTO Databas2.dbo.TableName
SELECT * FROM Database1.dbo.TableName

You just need to make sure the selected data matches the datatypes in the destination table.